Top 10 Best Law Firms In Maine In 2024


Every time we talk about Maine, it reminds us of the famous clown from IT, Pennywise. Gives you nightmares, doesn’t it? 

Now imagine a state without a proper legal infrastructure. Equally terrifying isn’t it? Well, that’s not the case in Maine. Maine is known for their amazing legal landscape. They have various law firms to choose from. 

However, making that choice without any help might seem daunting at a go. But don’t worry, we have made a comprehensive list for you to choose from the top law firms situated in Maine. We have segregated the firm based on its expertise, reputation, and client satisfaction. 

Whether you need help with personal injury or a business dispute, they have you covered. With the right legal team by your side, you can now be assured that your case is now rested in good hands.

The Maine legal landscape is a massive melting pot of traditional, rural and coastal beauty. Let’s see what they are: 

Court System 

The court system of Maine is segregated into different categories like Supreme Judicial Court which is the highest court in the state. The Maine Superior Court comes right below it handling criminal and civil matters. Finally comes the Maine District Court handling civil and criminal matters.  Other than this, other specialized courts like Probate or District Court look after smaller claims. 

Legal Practice Areas 

The legal community of Maine primarily covers family law, real estate, and environmental law. Maine’s natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities have made environmental law here particularly significant. 

Legal Education 

Maine houses several law schools, preferably the University of Maine School of Law that offer a comprehensive legal program contributing to the state’s legal professions.

Cultural Heritage  

Maine has a rich cultural heritage that includes a significant native American population with a strong maritime tradition. The state fights for indigenous rights, tribal sovereignty, etc as one of the important aspects of Maine’s legal landscape. 

Economic Factors 

The economic situation in the state is diverse and is a hubbub of several industries including tourism, fishing, forestry, and manufacturing. Hence, legal professionals in Maine specifically specialize in areas of business law, employment law, and other regulatory compliance issues. 

Community Engagement 

The state is well-known for their robust community engagement traditions and public service. Be it legal pro bono work or go for volunteer initiatives and advocacy efforts, thus supporting the undeserving populations to foster social justice.

Biggest Law Firms In Maine

Now let’s address the elephant in the room, the best law firms in Maine. Let’s see what they are:

Bergen & Parkinson, LLC 

Bergen & Parkinson, LLC is one of the biggest law offices in Maine that operates on full services. The law firm is known to specialize on a matter of various practice areas. 

These areas include estate planning & probate, litigation, municipal laws, government relations, real estate, and alternative dispute resolution. If you are facing legal issues in these areas, Bergen & Parkinson, LLC is the law firm in Maine. 

Address: 144 Main Street 

Saco, ME 04072 

Website: https://www.bergenparkinson.com

Berman & Simmons

Berman & Simmons is a well-recognized law firm in Maine that is primarily focused on the practice areas of personal injury and medical malpractice. This law firm has more than 100 years of experience. 

So, if you are seeking an experienced attorney in personal injury or medical malpractice laws, then Berman & Simmons is the best option for you in Maine. 

Address: 85 Exchange Street, 2nd Floor 

Portland, Maine 04101 

Website: https://www.bermansimmons.com/

Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer, & Nelson, P.A

Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer, & Nelson, P.A. is a premier law firm in Maine. This law firm has been operating since 1915 and has excellent attorneys to act in your best interests. 

Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer, & Nelson, P.A. has a wide variety of practice areas, including taxation, health care, litigation, dispute resolution, real estate, and succession planning, among the very few. 

If you are looking for an attorney from a premier law firm, then Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer, & Nelson, P.A. is the right choice for you.   

Address: 100 Middle Street 

West Tower

Portland, Maine 04101

Website: https://www.bernsteinshur.com/

Brann & Isaacson 

Brann & Isaacson is a boutique law firm in Maine known to have represented more than 100 companies, both local and national. 

The law firm has practice areas in employment law, intellectual property, state & local taxation, litigation, and public sector law, among the few. So, if you have faced legal issues within these areas, then Brann & Isaacson is the place to be. 

Address: 136 Commercial Street 

Fourth Floor 

Portland, Maine 04101

Website: https://www.brannlaw.com/

Conflict Solutions Inc. 

Conflict Solutions Inc. is a well-known law firm in Maine that specializes in meditation services. Additionally, this law office in Maine also focuses on arbitration and settlement counseling. 

So, if you are someone who wants to settle their legal issues out of court, then Conflict Solutions Inc. is the place for you.

Address: 251 US Route 1

PO Box 66828

Falmouth, ME 04105

Website: https://www.conflictsolutionsinc.com

Creswell Law

Creswell Law is a law firm in Maine having experience in the legal industry for more than 20 years. The law firm has esteemed clients who are national and local lenders, banks, and other financial establishments. 

Moreover, the law firm also has a focal practice area in bankruptcy laws, which includes Chapters 7,11, and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. so, if you are someone having financial or legal issues, then Creswell Law is the best law firm in Maine. 

Address: PO Box, 7340 

Portland, Maine 04112-7340 

Website: https://creswelllaw.com/

Currier & Trask, P.A. 

Currier & Trask, P.A. is a well-recognized law office in Maine that has expanded its legal practice since 2013. Moreover, it has also been recognized by national ranking sites since 1994 as one of the best law firms in Maine and the United States. 

The law firm has practice areas in estate planning, family law, personal injury, real estate, social security, and workers’ compensation, criminal law and civil law.

Address: 55 North Street 

Presque Isle, Maine 04769

Website: https://curriertrask.com/

Curtis Thaxter LLC

Curtis Thaxter LLC is a law firm in Maine that has been operating since 1975; it has a group of attorneys who are led by the former governor of Maine. It is a multispecialty law firm having a variety of legal areas as their practice. 

Some of its practice areas include real estate, employment law, estate planning, litigation, administrative law, and alternative dispute resolution, among a few. 

So, if you are someone who has legal issues within these areas of law, then Curtis Thaxter LLC can be a great option for resolving your existing issues with ease. 

Address: One Canal Plaza

Suite 1000

Portland, Maine 04101 

Website: https://curtisthaxter.com/

Drummond Woodsum 

Drummond Woodsum is a full-service law office in Maine, having more than 100 attorneys and consultants to serve clients. It is a regional law firm having reached at the national level. 

A few of the practice areas of this law firm include tribal nations law, taxation, litigation, mediation & arbitration, immigration, and employment & labor laws. 

So, if you are looking for attorneys or consultants having specialization in a variety of legal areas, then Drummond Woodsum is the best law firm for you in Maine. 

Address: 84 Marginal Way 

Suite 600 

Portland, Maine 04101 

Website: https://dwmlaw.com/

Eaton Peabody, PA 

Eaton Peabody, PA is a well-recognized law firm in the region of Maine having operations since 1935. The firm has a strength of 50 attorneys-at-law seeking to serve you in your best interests. 

Some of its practice areas include bankruptcy, immigration, property law, real estate, taxation, and litigation. 

Address: 100 Middle Street 

Portland, Maine 04112-5235

Website: https://www.eatonpeabody.com/

Future Trends of Legal System in Maine

Given the current legal landscape, Maine’s legal system is to undergo several notable trends. These can start with various technological integrations. Here are some trends you can look out for in the future. 

Advanced Technology 

In this case, Maine’s legal community enhances and embraces efficiency with technological integration. This can help in streamlining client service as well. The firms are now moving towards adapting to different digital platforms for case management and other dispute resolution management mechanisms. 

Accessing Justice Initiatives 

Maine is looking forward to improving the legal services for underserved populations in rural areas. The state would explore various industries primarily telelawyering, mobile legal clinics, and enhancing the overall pro bono programs. 

Environmental Law 

Maine is famous for their natural beauty and reliance on the fishery and forestry industries. Maine will increase their focus on environmental laws and sustainability initiatives in the future where the advocates will play a special role in advocating for conservation and adverse climate changes. 

Improved Legal Education 

In this case, the Maine law schools might adopt different curricula and programs aligning with emerging trends in the education sector. The Maine law schools might include experiential learning, interdisciplinary studies, and skill development in aspects of technology, cultural competency, and negotiation. 


And that’s a wrap! You now know all the top law firms in Maine and how the legal landscape is emerging to adapt to these changes. Maine is poised to evolve in accordance with societal needs and technological advancements.

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