How To Change Your Name After Divorce? Must Read!


You might want to change your name after getting a divorce. This is because you might have changed your name after getting married.

And now you are seeking to get back your ‘maiden name’ after getting a divorce

In this article, we will provide you with insights regarding how to change your name after a divorce. 

How To Legally Change Your Last Name After Divorce?

The first way you can legally change your name after divorce is by filing a name change request with your petition for divorce

You have to make sure that the divorce decree has your changed name. You are advised to double-check the decree to make use of the same document for further actions effectively. 

You will then be required to change your name after the divorce by making use of your divorce decree for changing your name in various agencies and government establishments. 

By using your divorce decree, you can change your name after divorce in the following areas: 

  1. The Social Security Administration (SSA)
  2. Your bank
  3. Your child’s school
  4. Your credit cards 
  5. Your employer 
  6. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  7. Anywhere that bears your marital name, like financial accounts

Additionally, be sure to update your name in the voter’s registry and passports. 

The process of changing your name after divorce tends to vary in states of the US. 

In most states, you can easily request the divorce court to enter into a formal process for the purpose of changing your name. 

The court that will be ordering your name change will be the formal and the only official proof of changing your name. 

This is because you are formally changing your married name to your maiden name, which provides legal and official proof of the same. 

Additionally, if you apply to change your name during the process of divorce, it would be much easier to achieve the process compared to changing your name after divorce proceedings. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Changing Your Name After Divorce

In Which Areas Can I Change My Name After The Divorce?

After acquiring a certified copy of your divorce with a name change, you can change your name in every area that bears your married name after the divorce.

• Financial institutions like bank accounts
• Identification cards like SSA certificates and voter cards
• Subscription services 
• Any place that bears your married name and you want to change it to your married name 

What Can I Do If My Divorce Decree Does Not Contain An Order Changing My Name?

If you see your name has not been changed in the divorce decree, other options are available for you.

Some courts will provide you with the provision of accepting a request in its order to include language changing your name.

If the court still does not accept your order, you are still vested with the right to change your name after divorce. This is especially true when you are seeking to change the last name that you took after getting married.

In some states, you have the liberty to change back to your maiden name after getting a divorce. This will allow you to change your name in every personal record that carries your married name. 

Can I Change The Name Of My Child After The Divorce?

Many courts will state that the father has the ability to assert his right to continue keeping his name for the child after the divorce.

This is only applicable if the father still performs his duty as a parent to the child after the divorce. 
Due to changes in social norms, now we can see a child with two fathers or mothers.

The court will look at the best interest of the child before taking any considerations regarding a change in name after a divorce.

The factors that will be determined by the court before approving the change of name of a child after divorce are as follows: 
• The age of the child
• The strength of the parent-child relation
• The length of the child has used the parent’s name 
• Any negative effects that might be faced by the child if the name is changed
• Any benefits to the child due to name change, like parents remarrying

However, you are advised that the change of the name of your child does not affect their legal relationship with your ex-spouse.

This means your child will still have the following rights:
• Visitation 
• Child support payments
• Inheritance and intestacy rights.

This means only the court has the authority to change parental responsibility and rights. 

Will It Cost Any Money To Change My Name After The Divorce?

The cost of changing your name generally depends on the decree of your divorce.

You can expect to pay only for acquiring the certified copy of the order.

You are advised to check with the clerk who has handled your divorce case to determine the actual cost of changing your name after a divorce.

Getting A Divorce? Consider Seeking Professional Help!

The emotional distress of splitting a family can be heart-wrenching. 

Even so, you are advised to seek assistance from a good and experienced family lawyer for changing your name after divorce. 

The ability to effectively take guidance from an experienced family lawyer specializing in divorce law will guide you in changing your name after divorce.

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