Section Officer Duties And Responsibility: What Powers They Have?


In India, there are multiple offices in different sectors that come under government control. Now, these government offices have different departments. A section is one of the prominent departments. You can find a section officer in each department. Here, you can learn all facts about section officers.

This article contains details about their duties and responsibilities. Moreover, you can check out the definition too. As per the Indian setup, a section officer has a medium rank in the office. So, you can consider this an esteemed post. For now, check out the following points in the article to know more:

Who Is A Section Officer?

As you have already seen that the SO holds a medium rank in a department, they have some grave duties and responsibilities. You can check out all the duties and responsibilities at an exclusive point below. These officers get their salary according to level 7 of the Pay Commission.

So, the section officer salary starts near some Rs. 45,000 per month. In the office, every SO has an assistant section officer. They oversee the SO’s work and keep track of the office. Well, for now, you can check the duties and responsibilities of the section officer.

Duties And Responsibilities Of Section Officer

This part of the article deals with the duties and responsibilities of the section officer. You can go through the following points to understand.

1. Work Distribution

Work Distribution

Work distribution is one of the main duties of the SO. He has to see that all types of work in a department are evenly distributed among the staff. At times, even distribution might not be possible but still, it should be in a favorable proportion.

2. Maintain Management And Co-ordination

A section officer has to check if there is outstanding coordination in a department. You should always consider coordination as one of the primary pillars on which production occurs. If there is no coordination among the staff, no office can give proper production.

So, every department relies on the SO for he has the power to check if the office has proper coordination. The ASO also shares this duty and according to the norms, he has to crack the assistant section officer exam.

3. Training And Helping Staff

Training And Helping Staff

Every Section Officer should look after the staff in their sections and if they have proper training. Moreover, it is an SO’s duty to clarify if any staff of the department needs help. In case, the SO is able to do both these works, there would always be proper discipline in the department.

Now, if there is ultimate discipline in the department, the Section Officer can co-ordinate with it easily. So, the department can always give high production.

4. Keeping Account Of Residential Addresses

The SO along with the deputy section officer has the duty to keep an account of the residential addresses of the employees. You might consider it an easy job but it is always tricky to keep track of all the employees of a section.

5. Go Through All Receipts And Documents

Go Through All Receipts And Documents

If you get a job as a Section Officer, you would be looking after all the receipts that come into your department. Moreover, you should submit them accordingly on time. Generally, a section officer needs to send the receipts to any higher officers like the Branch Officer. 

Remember that as an assistant section officer in the ministry of external affairs, you would have to do the same.

6. Review The Legal Section Documents

All legal section documents coming into a department go to the hands of the SO. As a section officer, you should always know about the law and legal proceedings.

7. Enforce Actions In Case Of Executive Committee Decisions

Enforce Actions In Case Of Executive Committee Decisions

The Section Officer can enforce actions in case of every executive committee decision. So, he has a major say on how a department would work. You should remember that the way a department works majorly depends on the SO. Furthermore, you would be amazed to know that the forest section officer and the forest section officer’s duties are more or less similar.

8. Powers Of The Section Officer

As you have already gone through the duties and responsibilities of a Section Officer, now it is time to go through the powers. Take a look at the points below:

The SO becomes the chairman of the section and any activity occurring in it.

It comes under the power of SO to do the selection work of the meetings.

An SO always has the power to work in sync with other Selection Officers to execute the elections in the section.

Eligibility To Become Section Officer

The eligibility to become a Section Officer are as follows. The best you can do is go through the points and compare them with the assistant section officer’s eligibility. Take a look:

  • Age Limit: 18 years to 25 years.
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in any stream from any authentic University.

Apart from the above eligibility criteria, you can expect an age relaxation of up to 5 years for the SC/ST candidates appearing for SO and assistant selection officer mpsc. The best you can do is check for the recent eligibility and exam criteria to cross-check with it.

Furthermore, you can also check the assistant section officer’s salary on the internet. This way you can also know the salary breakdown of both the designations. Also, do not forget to check the examination pattern in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Responsibilities Of Section Officers In Nepal?
The basic responsibilities of SOs do not change in the case of India and Nepal. It is the same as what an Indian officer does and a Nepali has to do.
2. Who Is Section Officer In India?
A section officer in India is one who distributes work in the department and sees after the co-ordination of the workers.
3. What Are The Duties Of The Officer In Charge Of The Branch?
The main duty of the Officer In Charge is to Work in-sync with the SO.
4. What Is The Difference Between Under-Secretary And Deputy Secretary?
The under-secretary has a level-III position and they are placed under the deputy secretary. Both have to report to the SO.

Final Words

Section Officers in India need to be dedicated to their work at all times. This can ensure that the department runs at a proper pace. The best you can do is talk with someone who belongs to the same designation.

Always remember that the selection process is quite rigorous when it comes to Secretary Selection Commission. So, you need to take minute preparations to succeed. Furthermore, you can decide to appear and re-appear for the examination until you crack it. After cracking the examination, you can assemble all the necessary documents and go for the verification process.

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