What Does A Sexual Assault Lawyer Do For A Victim?


Suffering from sexual abuse can be a traumatizing experience. This can leave you with an emotional scar for the rest of your life. 

As per statistics presented by the US Department of Health and Human Services, one in three cases of sexual assault go unreported. 

However, due to the #MeToo movement, sexual assault cases are taken more seriously than before. 

In this article, we will be discussing what a sexual assault lawyer does and what are the charges of this offense. 


What Is Sexual Assault?

What Is Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is known to happen when an individual engages in nonconsensual touching or contact of sexual nature with another. 

Sexual assault usually involves force, the threat of force, or the use of violence. 

However, the occurrence of sexual battery involves penetration but sexual assault that does not require the same. 

Acts of sexual assault include unwanted and forceful kissing, groping, rape, and other acts of sexual nature that are not consented to by the other party. 

What Are The Charges For Sexual Assault In The US?

What Are The Charges For Sexual Assault In The US?

Every state in the US has particular laws related to the act of sexual assault. 

Every state has a different approach to convicting or sentencing for the act of sexual assault. The federal court also has a specific set of rules for sentencing a convict charged with sexual assault. 

For instance, in the state of California, the charge of a sexual assault conviction can lead to a sentence of six months to a year in county jail. Moreover, it could also lead to upto 48 months in prison or a fine of upto $10,000. 

In such a circumstance, a judge would be responsible in determined the facts of the charge before settling or ordering a sentence for sexual assault in California. 

On the other hand, in New York, sexual assault is known to include a variety of criminal conduct. This includes class B misdemeanors of sexual misconduct to class B felonies of rape and aggravated sexual assaults. 

Judges in New York have the discretion to order the sentence. But the law binds the judge to only sentence the convict based on the severity of the charge that has been imposed. 

On the other hand, if a judge imposes a sentence for a felony charge related to sexual assault is considered as ‘intermediate.’ This means the judge chooses from the minimum to the maximum limit of sentencing included in legal statutes. 

New York is considered to set the minimum limit of sentence for sexual assault felonies to be a minimum of one year, along with the maximum penalty being of twenty-five years. 

Federal Charges For Sexual Assault In The US

Federal Charges For Sexual Assault In The US

As per federal laws, there are various factors that enable judges to effectively sentence a convicted sexual assaulter. 

Federal judges look at the defendant’s previous criminal acts along with the defendant’s ability to hold responsibility for committing the act during the trial process. 

The criminalization of sexual assault has been stated by federal law. And set a maximum sentence of twenty-five years and also set fines.

Moreover, federal law also sets that the convicted defendant will have to pay compensation for the loss faced by the victim due to the crime. 

What Does A Sexual Assault Lawyer Do?

What Does A Sexual Assault Lawyer Do

Sexual assault lawyers are attorneys who have specialization in civil tort and are usually considered personal injury attorneys. 

If you are planning to seek financial compensation for the sexual assault you have faced, then hiring a personal injury lawyer with experience in civil tort is the right choice for you. 

An experienced and professional sexual assault lawyer is known to perform a variety of tasks. 

These are as follows: 

  • Understanding the requirements of your sexual assault case. 
  • Determination of the liability of all the individuals involved in the case. 
  • Determining the value of your case and the compensation you are eligible for. 
  • File a sexual assault lawsuit on your behalf in court. 
  • Managing your case for litigation. 
  • Collection of your damages. 
  • Management of appeals filed by the convict. 

A good sexual assault lawyer will be ready to help you in your difficult situation by making sure the law is by your side. 

Additionally, a sexual assault lawyer will also ensure that you acquire the rightful compensation for being a victim of a sexual assault. 

Your Final Steps 

Experiencing sexual assault is something that no individual should ever suffer from. But one thing we can state is you are not alone. 

In recent times, we have observed that sexual assaulters are facing justice more than ever. 

Lawyers inventory is here to assist victims of sexual assault in the right legal direction for the attainment of fair compensation for their traumas

We have an extensive list of sexual assault lawyers in our inventory who are seeking to provide the required consultation and guidance to seek justice for your negative experience.

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